Blue Earth Vinyl

Herbie Pabst

Originally recorded and mixed at “If Walls Could Talk” Studios, NJ (now Taylor-Made Productions, NJ), produced by Herbie Pabst, Glenn Taylor and Barry Byrne, mastered and pressed at Europadisk, NY, Reach Out For Your Life and Oh So Hard made their debut in 1986. Released at the time when the arrival of CD’s predicted the end of vinyl, the songs retained their popularity throughout the years in the US and overseas.

With the recent resurgence of vinyl, DJ’s in the clubs of Europe and Australia have been spinning Reach Out For Your Life and Oh So Hard on their turntables, leading to the current re-release of this 12 inch EP on June 14, 2019.

Re-mastered by Don Grossinger and pressed by Stereodisk, NJ for Blue Earth Vinyl LLC.

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